This is my third time participating in the One Room Challenge, and this time I’m excited to be finally blogging about it. The master bedroom renovation is one of the last rooms we have in our home to remodel. We have already renovated about 95% of this home from top to bottom. We bought our second home almost two years ago now, and we’ve been renovating it ever since. You can check out our previous renovations here and here. Our home was stuck in the early 80’s so everything needed to be replaced!

The Plan

For this bedroom, I’m just looking to do light improvements. We had the entire flooring of our house replaced with a faux wood tile floor and new baseboards so that’s already been completed in this room. Previously we had shiny square tiles in this room and the room was painted a yellow. It was wild! You can find the MLS photo below. It was nothing to write home about.

This was the MLS photo when we first moved in. We have since re-tiled the floor and added a larger baseboard.
This is the bedroom styled for Spring before the new flooring and baseboards were installed.

So now that the new flooring and baseboard are in, the first step in the renovation plan is to re-paint the room to Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. When we moved in, we painted all the rooms Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams at 50% strength. I love the color, however I want the bedroom to be light and bright but also cozy, and I think that Swiss Coffee is perfect! So paint is going on the walls first. Additionally, I don’t want all the rooms the same paint color, so I’ve been gradually re-painting the additional rooms different colors.

I also want to build a headboard out of rattan. I found an inspiration of one on Studio McGee, but it’s just too expensive. I think I can create a headboard of something similar that will give an amazing look for less. Right now I have a cream tufted headboard in a Linen fabric which is still in great shape, so for now I’m just going to keep that one because I may use it somewhere else. This will be my first time building a headboard so I’m nervous but really excited to try something new.

The third thing I want to update for this quick renovation is switching out the end tables to something more to scale. Right now I just have small Ikea Hemnes bedside tables, but the room needs bedside tables that are a little larger. I already purchased these from Bed Bath and Beyond and they fit great in the space. Additionally, I also have a large bench at the foot of the bed that’s too large for the space, so I’m looking to switch it out for one by Minted and West Elm. I think it will be more proportionate and will look so much better in the space.

The last thing I want to do is update the decor elements. I really want to switch the drapes out from the sheers that are currently in the room to a pleated drape with more texture. I also want to add some decorative accents like Minted artwork above the bed and around the room.

So that’s the entire plan. My previous One Room Challenge projects have been so invasive, but this one should be completed in an 8 week timeline. I’m really excited about it and I’m so happy to take all of you along with me in the process. You can always stay updated via my Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.



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